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Initially as a blog revolving around 3d printing and architecture, studiohals was founded in 2015 by architect Tom Hals. It has evolved in 2017 into an architecture company based on the fringe of the Melbourne CBD.

Our experience covers a wide range of building typologies such as multi-unit residential, single dwellings, shopping centres, data centres,  residential refurbishments and even public artwork. We can assist in any stage of the process from early envelope studies and development advice through to planning submissions, building permit applications and delivery of projects.

We believe the architect's profession is evolving to a role where service delivery and efficiency is key in anything we do. We focus on interpreting our client's desires and use our creativity combined with a healthy business sense to deliver exceptional outcomes. We don't just draw plans, but we'll assist you with obtaining planning permits, building permits and will coordinate the whole process for you.


We use a multitude of technolgies to bring the dream to reality. From plans to 3d models, visualisations, sketches and even 3d printed models. Our point of difference is our passion for innovation and new technologies that allow us to be efficient and transparent throughout any stage of the project.


Having used Building Information Modelling (BIM) since 2002 overseas and in Australia, we have an in depth knowledge of the strengths of BIM in the construction industry. We don't just do BIM, we live it! Not only does our project delivery revolve around BIM, we've even developed a business and fee structure based on BIM methodologies.

The adaption of new technologies also leads to innovative manufacturing processes. We believe in designing for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) and can combine our skills in BIM with manufacturing knowledge to bring the most efficient and interesting designs forward.


We think outside the box and approach any problem from a holistic point of view.


We don’t have egos and believe good ideas can come from anywhere. We therefore adopt an open discussion policy where any idea coming from anyone will be considered. We won’t dictate what we consider the best solution, but we’ll listen to find out what your needs are so we can share the process of achieving them together.

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