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3D Printing - Costs

The cost of a 3d printed model depends on a variety of factors.

1. Modelling.

We can model the object for you. We can work of sketches, examples or plans and elevations.

Is the model already modelled in 3d? Can the printer software read the model?

The model can be read by the printer if the model consists of solids and if the file can be exported to an STL format. There may be some modelling to be done if the printer can't 100% read your model. For more information on solid modelling, please refer to the McNeel Solid Modelling Guide.

2. Slicing.

Once the model is completed, the printer slicing software will slice the model in fine layers so that the printer knows how to print the object.

A choice will have to be made on size and quality of the object. Does the model need to be highly detailed? Does it need to be split into different print components?

We can help you through this process and advise what the best options are based on your needs.

3. Print Time.

The print time will depend on the size of the model and the required detail. The higher the detail, the finer the layer thickness. The finer the layer thickness, the longer the print will take.

4. Material.

Some materials are more affordable than others. PLA for instance, is the most cost effective material. Any of the blended filaments are more expensive, but get you a more finished result.

5. Post Printing.

Once everything is printed, there may be a requirement for post printing work. If the model was split into different components, they would have to be put together. If the model was printed in a metal blended material, sanding and polishing is required to get a great polished look.

Want more information or a quote?

Please send us an email and describe what you're after. Any image, sketches or links would greatly help.

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