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Taylors Lakes Extension

Scott had this spark in his eyes when looking at the 3d printed model of their master bedroom extension and poker room above the carport.... I mean... "kids playroom". "I can see it all happening" he told his partner Jo-Anne while gazing over the model and associated plans.

Being at the end of a cul-de-sac, the site in Taylors Lakes is an irregular shape and has a few challenges in terms of easements and position of existing buildings and vegetation. We therefore investigated a few solutions on how we could help Jo-Anne and Scott plan for the future with the addition of a master bedroom with ensuite and a kids play room on top of the existing carport. A 3d model was created to show the impact of the different options to the site and to the existing building.


The choice was easily made as the couple quickly grasped that by rotating the master bedroom extension to be in line with the side boundary, an open space between existing and proposed building was created. This could be turned into a private deck or garden, or it could be part of the whole garden. It gave them lots of options and flexibility, depending on how their future would develop.


Taylors Lakes - 3d Printed Model | © Studiohals.


Taylors Lakes - Master Bedroom Extension | © Studiohals.


Taylors Lakes - Ground Floor Plan | © Studiohals.

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